Christmas Land

By Amber and Davina Bernardi-Kim

It all began when my daughter wanted a story that wasn’t the traditional Santa story in December.

Adventure with Davina to Christmas Land, where love and a little magic conquer evil.

One morning, Davina awakes, discovering that the stories her mom had told her for years are true. In a land where cupcakes and yumminess abound, Davina must find a way to save the residents of Christmas Land.

Children's book. Davina goes to Christmas Land where she meets a talking Pink Bear.


A young girl wakes up to the sweetest of dreams. She is in a forest with talking animals and smells like peppermint sticks. There is a gingerbread woman decorating cupcakes nearby that is waving her over to join them. Davina realizes she is not in a dream and this magical world she is exploring is real. She has arrived in the magical Christmas Land that her mother has told her stories about all her life. What her mother hasn’t told her, though, was Christmas Land is currently ruled by an evil knight. Can Davina remember the things her mom told her and use that information to save Christmas Land?

Authors Amber and Davina Bernardi-Kim have written a magical children’s story. Christmas Land takes children on an adventure to save the kingdom from evil and does so in a surprising way. The settings are well written, and readers can imagine themself in each new scene even without the amazing illustrations of Eleonora Cali. The characters have depth, which was surprising to find in a children’s book. It is not so deep that smaller children will miss the message; rather, it is presented in a way that accentuates their personality traits.

Christmas Land is a magical children’s book that teaches children about honesty, perseverance, and standing up for what is right. This storybook would make a great holiday addition to read with families or classes to prepare for the holiday season.

Literary Titan Gold Book Award
Readers'  Favorite award


Christmas Land is a wonderful children’s adventure story written by Amber Bernardi-Kim and co-authored with her daughter, Davina. Christmas Land follows Davina as she wakes up one morning in a peculiar world with the smell of peppermint sticks in the air. Davina is sure she is dreaming, but it turns out she is in the magical Christmas Land – an extraordinary world filled with chocolate snow, cupcake parties, and talking teddy bears. But it seems the Evil Knight has invaded Christmas Land and is trapping everyone in place. Can Davina harness the wisdom her mother has taught her and use some tricks up her sleeve to bring back the queen that was exiled six years ago? Only if Davina can team up with the citizens of Christmas Land to defeat the Evil Knight and restore peace to the Kingdom.

Christmas Land is a very sweet Christmas-themed children’s picture book. Inspired by a story Davina wanted to tell her mom at age five, Amber Bernardi-Kim has written a delightful story of good triumphing over evil. I like how Amber avoided any violence (even if it was just with pea shooters), as Davina uses smarter tactics to deal with the problems before her. It’s a good lesson for any child to learn. Amber adds real-life wisdom and anecdotes to help Davina on her quest to defeat the Evil Knight. The illustrations by Eleonora Cali are colorful and dreamy and complement the story greatly. Christmas Land is a well-thought-out and picturesque world and I can see Davina having many more adventures there in the future.

Amber & Davina Bernardi-Kim

About Amber & Davina

Amber has always had a passion for writing and exploring different cultures. She has a BA in International Affairs and an MA in Organizational Leadership. Daily, Amber enjoys imagining her next creative world with her daughter.

Davina enjoys creating stories with her mom, dancing, and singing to the latest song on the radio. She is an avid baker, and her favorite show is “Nailed It.” She joined Mensa at age 5.

What readers are saying about Christmas land

“I bought the book as a gift but couldn’t resist a peek. And before I knew it, I was reading through the book enthralled. A delightful tale that weaves fantasy and the joy of exploration with a hint of deep wisdom. A must read for every child.”

– Shil Majumdar

The story was fun to read and for younger children not to long. For a first time author Amber did an awesome job telling the story. The illustrations are amazing. As a grandmother and great-grandmother I would buy this for all the various grand kids.

– Beaumont grandma

Love this adventures book, a nice flow of story to help improve my kid’s imagination. Highly recommend if you have kids that loves adventure.

– Kaitlin Thege

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